¿Who we are?

We are a Colombian-based business lawyers and law innovator consultants. We help business owners, startups and foreigners to navigate the Colombian law culture. Our work combines design thinking, law expertise and new technologies.

Our client’s ideas are our solutions, we don´t offer traditional legal services, we offer proactive, strategic and personalized advisory services. We transform the needs of our clients into opportunities with effective and proactive solutions.

How we can help?

There´s plenty to do


Business law consultations

We offer fixed-fee legal consultations.

Starting a business? Need independent legal advice? Want your draft agreements reviewed? I can help. These consultations generally take 1 to 2 hours and can be booked in-person, by phone, or by video conference.

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Legal Design Projects

Legal design has broad applicability.

AGA legal desing works with clients to design contracts or compliance policies which fit modern business usage : crystal clear, easy to negotiate and to implement. We do this by combining design, strategic design-thinking principles and legal expertise.

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New times, new solutions

We give life to your ideas.

Giving life to an idea takes talent, experience and inspiration. This is how we partner with you. We identify specific activities that are hire on demand.

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Wondering what plain language and legal design looks like? Read our website terms & conditions. We’ve practiced what we preach. Get in touch and let’s work together.