Legal Design Projects

Legal design has broad applicability. We create simple, smart, seductive communication that radically strengthens your brand and turns your customers into fans.

· We’ll analyse and diagnose your documents.

· We’ll test your documents with real clients.

· Then we’ll use what we’ve learned to design or redesign your documents (especially forms, contracts and policies)

· We’ll develop a style guide to help you with your documents in future.

· We’ll help you comply with marketing law without losing sight of the sale.

Wondering what plain language looks like? Read our website terms or privacy notice. We’ve practiced what we preach. Get in touch and let’s work together.

What does it mean to be legal designer?

  • We reimaging the future of law

  • We adopt customer-centric design principles

  • We create rapid prototypes and tests

  • Opportunity to understand people

  • We have a multidisciplinary team

  • We listen and truly understand users

  • We tackle big issues

  • We observe from different perspectives

  • We cultivate curiosity

  • We design better legal strategies