Alejandro Gómez Alvarado

Goodbye legal jargon, let's speak plain language!

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, but I´m currently living in Medellín. I started my own legal business where I change the way of providing legal services, through clear rates, simple language and legal design.


Lawyers are in the business of knowing the law and its abstract concepts and applying this knowledge in the interest of the client. Legal services tend to be described as "advice." The only requirement to give advice is that someone asks. However, good legal advice requires an attorney to understand both legal concepts and the business context and their practical application.

Lawyer specialized in tax law and negotiation methodologies. I am passionate about new technologies and their impact on the transformation of legal services. With in 9 years of experience in negotiation (among different jurisdictions and Startups), due diligence in venture capital, tax, industrial property, and family wealth management.

Nice to meet you all!